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a best selling author a keynote speaker a philanthropist a college professor a lived experience


Allow me to share with your company, team, school or organization, the incredible power within each person to positively change their environments and turn their pot of boiling water (LIFE) into a pot of coffee – just like the coffee bean!


Damon featured on The Ed Mylett Show

Damon sits down with Ed in LA to discuss the power of The Coffee Bean message, and how it can change your life.

Damon sits down with Ed in LA to discuss the power of The Coffee Bean message, and how it can change your life.

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Damon shares the story of how he took his reputation as the infamous “Uptown Burglar,” found redemption in prison, and became an author and speaker determined to help inmates and their families.




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The Bigger the Motivational Speaker, the Bigger the Advantage:
See the trend with elite college football program that are enhancing their cultures by bringing in the best speakers in America, who have the most powerful and transformational messages.

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Damon’s Presentation Will Positively Impact Your Culture

Servant Leadership:
The Secret To Life
Designed for any group, this presentation is focused and personalized for audiences who are working to positively change their culture.
Overcoming Adversity:
The Damon West Story
In this intimate and personal presentation, Damon shares his cautionary tale and message of hope and perseverance in a brutally honest presentation.
Core Values of Your Team:
Inspire to Your Full Potential
This presentation is designed for businesses, corporations and teams to realize their full potential and stay ahead of the competition. Damon adds in the core values of your organization so that your group sees your branding in his message.
This presentation is designed for school districts and academic institutions wanting to both motivate their teachers and staff, as well as implement the vitally important message of the coffee bean, that the power to change any situation is within you, not in the outside forces around you.


Damon West, M.S. Criminal Justice, is a college professor, internationally known keynote speaker and 3 x Wall Street Journal bestselling author. His bestselling business book, The Coffee Bean: A Simple Lesson to Create Positive Change…


In 30 years in the medical device industry I’ve never heard a more motivating and applicable presentation for sales people. Everyone in the room can benefit from Damon’s compelling message about the coffee bean, resiliency and how we can grow
through adversity.

– Jeffrey Binder, CEO – Exactech

Our players were very impressed. He did a great job of talking about servant leadership, did a great job of talking about choices and decisions, cause and effect of those decisions. I think his story is very compelling because of the sacrifices he had to make to get his life back to where it needed to be. The message about helping other people and the power of controlling yourself, what you do and what you say, is so important. I’ve never heard it said as well as what Damon did tonight.

– Nick Saban, Head Football Coach, University of Alabama

We just had a guy speak to our team tonight named Damon West. Easily one of the top most powerful messages I’ve ever heard. Unbelievable. A great story and very inspirational. A message all teams should hear.

– Dabo Swinney, Head Football Coach, Clemson University

Our entire leadership team greatly enjoyed hearing Damon’s inspirational message! I’m thankful that our leaders have embraced Damon’s message, and we now have an entire team of leaders who are choosing to be a coffee bean each and every day! If you are an organization that really wants to inspire and motivate your workforce, then I would highly recommend having Damon speak to your team.

– Stephen Summers, Southwest Airlines, Asst. Mgr. Customer Relations/Rapid Rewards

During the pandemic, I felt like our people needed a real message around positivity & resilience. We found Damon West & his message, his story,  touched our people in a big way & gave them much needed perspective. Do yourself and the people in your organization a favor – if you’re a business leader or coach, get Damon West to speak to your group! Every day someone I work with mentions the lessons they learned from Damon & how they are making a difference in their life. He’s that good!

– John Terry, Executive Director & Complex Manager, Morgan Stanley

We are really pleased to be working with Damon to further AIG’s commitment to giving back and helping those most in need.

– Lucy Fato, Executive Vice President, General Counsel & Global Head of Communications and Government Affairs for AIG

With his personal story as a backdrop, Damon proves that there is always opportunity in adversity. The coffee bean message is the perfect message for any team or organization to positively improve their culture.

– Joe Martin, President of Texas High School Coaches Association (THSCA)

He was great! The audience interacted with him and asked several questions. Many staff members interacted with him one on one in the lobby after his presentation. He held the audience from start to finish, which is hard to do. Exit comments and emails stated he was the best speaker we have ever had for an opening day.

– Dr. Christopher Tully, Superintendent of Schools, Bergenfield (NJ) Schools

The world is a pot of boiling water.
You have 3 choices:

The Carrot
Be like the carrot and
turn soft (sad and weak)
The Egg
Be like the egg that turns
hard (mad and mean)
The Coffee Bean
Be like the coffee bean that
changes the water (positive)