ADDICTION AFFECTS EVERY PERSON IN THIS COUNTRY! There is not another redemption story like this one. I am the only D1 college QB (or any other division, position or sport) to ever get a life sentence in prison and get out with enough life left to live to tell the tale: a nightmare story about life in a maximum security prison for over seven years. Young people need to hear the harsh realities of drug addiction, crime, and the victims created along the way. Allow me to come into your school or organization and share my story. It is a warning about the Dangers of Drugs and the Consequences of Bad Decisions; at the same time, it is a message of hope, perseverance, and winning against the most extreme odds, in the most dangerous environment. I did not merely "survive" in prison - I "thrived" in it! I did not do it alone, though......
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AN INSPIRATIONAL SPEAKER As a recovering addict, who was sentenced to 65 years in a Texas prison for my drug-related property crimes, my life, my story can serve as a warning to others of what not to do, as well as a message of hope.