Marcelo “Mo” Molfino
MARCELO “MO” MOLFINO Marcelo Molfino, who most know as “Big Mo,” began his law enforcement career in 1999 with the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Department. Like many in law enforcement, he cut his teeth in corrections and getting his first lesson on truly dealing with people during their worst times. While working nights at the Sheriff’s Department in the jail; Mo attended the police academy during the day for a 6 month period. Graduating the Academy in May 2000. In 2001 Mo was offered a job by the Port Arthur Police Department, in Port Arthur Texas, where he worked in the patrol division, earning a Life-Saving medal and Distinguished Service medal. Through his love of working violent and narcotics related crime, Mo was fortunate enough to be assigned a K-9 partner in 2003. Being one of the only Spanish speaking officers at PAPD at the time, the street contacts in the Hispanic community were looking for help from the Police. Mo in partnership with the community learned the gang culture and helped him learn and thrive in that environment. Mo has earned his Master Peace officer certificate, as well as almost every advanced training certification and Instructor certification that TECOLE offers during his tenure at PAPD. Mo was also on the Hostage Negotiation Team for approximately 10 years and left the unit as the Assistant Team Leader. In 2006 Mo was transferred to the Street Crimes/Gang Unit at PAPD. With the increase in gang/gun violence in the Port Arthur area, the Beaumont ATF Field Office wanted to start a partnership with the Port Arthur Police Department to aggressively investigate and prosecute the worst of the worst violent offenders affecting that community. Mo was very fortunate to be chosen as the first ever ATF Task Force Officer in the Beaumont Field Office, Houston Field Division. ATF made the mistake of partnering Mo up with a high speed, no nonsense female Special agent from New Orleans, Louisiana. Mo woke up this Special Agent all hours of the day and night on investigations in the beginning of their partnership. This new partnership with PAPD led to almost 100 federal defendants, approximately 175 firearms, and thousands of rounds of ammunition taken off the streets of Port Arthur. This did not include all of the state molfinoprosecutions that went along with these investigations. ATF came in and within one calendar year helped make a huge impact on violent gang/gun crime in the City of Port Arthur. One of the best cases of that calendar year, an armed career criminal, with 7 prior felonies, received a LIFE sentence, with an additional 5 years for a 924 C offense in the federal system for a case in which there was a firearm and almost a kilo of cocaine being cooked into crack cocaine that was to be distributed on to the streets of Port Arthur. Mo and this Special Agent are still like brother and sister today even though their crime fighting days as partners ended. In 2007 Mo was awarded the Port Arthur Neighborhood Action Council Officer of the Year award. In 2009 to 2010 the price of dope went up and the “climate change” occurred in our area and the Houston area due to the “Border Initiative”. “Dope Rips”, “Money Rips” - all home invasion style robberies began to sky rocket. The offenders committing these offenses were armed with high powered rifles and other firearms and commonly dressed and identified themselves as the “police” when committing these crimes in Home Invasion style robberies.. ATF took the lead in the Houston area and began some long term Home Invasion “HI” Undercover operations. Mo was taught how these complex and long term undercover operations worked from the ground up by some of the best in the business. He was fortunate to be sent to Tampa Florida to “HI UC School” specifically for Home Invasion Under Cover Investigations. He spent the next three years meeting, extensively, with and infiltrating these HI Crews in and around the Houston and South East, Texas area. Mo conducted almost 100% of his UC work in the Spanish language posing as a disgruntled drug courier from Miami, Florida. With one of the best Special Agent’s in the country at this field; as a mentor and teacher, Mo was quick to hit the ground running and succeed. These investigations led to numerous suspects being arrested and firearms recovered and violent offenders taken off the street. Mo and his wife became pregnant in late 2012, and after an HI Takedown resulted in a shooting of one of the suspects, Mo was TOLD to retire from the Under Cover work (by his wife/boss) but still continued to assist in many other facets of these investigations. In 2013, Mo was asked to join the US Marshalls Fugitive Task Force. Amongst the other job responsibilities already on his shoulders with the Street Crimes/Gang Unit, he accepted. This task force allowed Mo to work assigned full time to the US Marshall Service out of the Beaumont Field Office. Also working alongside all the Federal and local agencies, ensuring that the worst of the worst Fugitive offenders were arrested and waited their day in court for their offenses. Again, in 2013, Mo was selected as the Port Arthur Neighborhood Action Council, which is the Citizens group board, as their 2013 Officer of the Year. Mo was also voted and received the same honor from his coworkers and city employees from the City of Port Arthur Police Department. The first time both these awards had been given to the same person in the same year. It was only due to the team work and people Mo had around him that things like this were ever really possible. Police work is NOT an individual sport, it’s always a Team sport and function. In January of 2015 the new elected District Attorney Bob Wortham, in Jefferson County, Texas, offered Mo a job offer he could not pass up. Mo was hired as the Assistant Chief of the Criminal Investigators for the District Attorney’s office. Today, Mo assists in all high-profile cases that affect law enforcement in the entire county and surrounding counties if assistance is needed. He also over-sees Officer use of force accusations, public integrity issues and public relations between the law enforcement agencies and the District Attorney’s office. Mo also coordinates the cell forensics investigations in the District Attorney’s office and is called on daily to assist local departments with their investigations, search warrants and device dumps as well. Mo was also the affiant in the first ever Civil Gang Injunction in Jefferson County, Texas, in January 2015, the Surenos 13 Criminal Street Gang had this injunction issued against 9 of it’s members. The injunction and the professional and proactive follow up work done by the Port Arthur Police Department helped curb the violence and crimes that this specific criminal street gang was committing against the citizens of Port Arthur, Texas. When not out keeping the community safe or on the job around the county. Mo is involved in numerous local charities. With help from mentors like Big Rich Courville; Mo and the groups he works with have raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for local charities in the last 10 years putting money right back in to the South East, Texas community where he lives and works.. Among these charities are: the Cops and Kids Fishing Tournament; the Garth House; Blue Santa; Buckner’s Children’s Fundraisers; and, the Beaumont Police Department Charities and Fundraisers, and the Boy Scouts of America. Cooking/donating meals for local church youth events and community events. Mo serves as a board member for The Officer Bryan Hebert Scholarship Foundation which raises money for the Lamar Institute of Technology and offers full scholarships to police cadets. The foundation also offers scholarships to young men seeking to complete Eagle Scout Projects with the Boy Scouts of America. Mo is on the Board of Directors for Crime stoppers of Southeast Texas. Mo is also on the Advisory Council Board for The Salvation Army Boys and Girls Club of Southeast Texas. Mo has also served as past Cub master for Pack 65 in Beaumont for the Cub scouts.

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